Evolution Optiks Introduces AI Framework to its Light Field Powered Tele-Refractor

Christ Church, Barbados – February 8, 2024

Imagine it was as easy to have your eyes checked as it is to get a cappuccino from your favorite coffee shop. What if you could avoid the dreadful process, the guesswork of trying to tell under stress if the letters in view 1 look better than the ones in view 2, never sure in the end if you truly picked what’s right for you?

This time is different though. You learn that your eye exam can be done downstairs, in the cafeteria where you work, and there is no need to drive anywhere. Right after lunch, you go there, sit down, and look through a compact device placed in front of you. No special room, no chart on the wall, and your eye care professional is interacting with you remotely, through a tablet that controls the device. To your surprise, as you look through the binocular-like instrument, you no longer have to play the memory guessing game. Two or four slightly different prescriptions are shown to you simultaneously and you can easily pick what looks best. Just a few more questions from your examiner and you are done. Your prescription has already been sent to your phone, and from start to finish, this was quicker than it usually takes you to find a parking spot.

But it didn’t end there. In the few minutes spent with your remote eye care professional over the video call, you are told that your vision is good, however, you likely have an iron deficiency that you should get checked out, that there are indications of a possible concussion and that your intake of caffeine might be too high. Immediately you recall that you need to refill your anemia prescription. Also, you had a fall the other day playing tennis and still feel dizzy, and you’ve upped your coffee intake a lot since the last hard deadlines at work.

This is just one example of the new reality Evolution Optiks Limited has set out to create for you. While it’s still early days for AI, it already has the power to improve many aspects of one’s health. Our Optokare product line, driven by light field technology, state-of-the-art optics and eye tracking, is perfectly poised to capitalize on the immediate benefits of AI, improving the value of a typical eye exam for practitioners and patients alike.

“The eye is the window to our health. Hundreds of problems can be detected just by looking at a person’s eyes, with the right technology. While 75% of the world is struggling to integrate AI in a meaningful way, we are facing the opposite, where the struggle is to keep up with the substantial impact we can make. We want to make eye exams a comprehensive health check-up that can be performed a lot more frequently, improving longevity through predictive health”, says Raul Mihali, President & CEO of Evolution Optiks Limited.

Optokare was created to make eye care more accessible, affordable and effective, and to empower everyone’s health and wellness. Based on well-proven science, there is a broad spectrum of AI-based diagnostics and health patterns that can be captured through the eye (and indirectly the brain), ranging from minor conditions such as poor focus, lack of sleep, or vitamin deficiencies, to signs of serious diseases like glaucoma, diabetes, or even Alzheimer’s.

The convergence of our light field expertise and AI opens the door to a future filled with unprecedented possibilities, with health and wellness being at our core. With ongoing advancements in AI, the potential to revolutionize industries across the board is limitless. This is no doubt one of the most exciting times in the tech world and we at Evolution Optiks are thrilled to be right in the middle of it.



Evolution Optiks Limited